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Lahad Datu District Education Office: 179 Teachers received Excellence Service Awards 2010

  NR       Sunday, October 02, 2011
Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang 2010 yang dianjurkan oleh Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah Lahad Datu : Seramai 179 guru dari 50 buah sekolah menengah dan rendah di sini menerima anugerah khidmat cemerlang bagi perkhidmatan cemerlang mereka. 

SERVICE AWARD: Zaini (third left) hitting the ‘gong’ at the launching ceremony witnessed by Umin (second right) and others.

LAHAD DATU: A total of 179 teachers from 50 secondary and primary schools here received excellence service awards for their outstanding services.
Sabah Assessments and Examinations Sector head, Mohd Zaini Yanin presented the awards during the Excellence Service Awards 2010 organised by Lahad Datu District Education Office here yesterday.
Speaking at the event, Mohd Zaini said civil servants especially in the education sector should equip themselves with knowledge and skills to provide quality services to the public.
Zaini said teachers and education staff cannot be hesitant in carrying out their responsibilities in line with the pace of development and progress in the country.
“We also need to provide the best service in line with national needs as well as equip ourselves with the pedagogical knowledge to produce competitive students.
“We also need to strive to realise the national education philosophy to produce intelligent and competitive students,” he said.
He also congratulated the service award recipients and hoped they would continue to provide excellent service in educating school children.
Meanwhile, District Education officer, Umin Sadi said in the hope of generating successful transformation of the national education system, all employees in the education sector should be prepared to face many challenges, including changes in delivery systems and information to be in line with national aspirations.
Also present were the Assistant District Education officer, Junainah Lo, District chairman of Sabah Principals Association, Murukesu Margapandu, district chairman of Headmasters Association, Gimson Abdan, and teachers in Lahad Datu.


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