Sunday, October 02, 2011

Pre-university students receive RM500 financial aid

  NR       Sunday, October 02, 2011

KAPIT: Seven students entering local universities each received RM500 in educational aid under an allocation of Kapit Parliamentary Constituency Service Centre of Kapit MP Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi.
On behalf of the Kapit MP, Datin Angeline Celestine Ujang handed over the education aid to the recipients and their representatives at a simple handover ceremony at Meligai Hotel on Friday morning.
Angeline called on the students (recipients) to put more effort in their studies as their parents had high hopes in them succeeding in their studies and securing good jobs in the future.
Rural students including those in Kapit are a bright lot as they were able to shine academically without tuition available as compared to their urban counterparts.
“Without proper tuition, the students here can still score good results and achieve academic excellence and are able to compete with their urban counterpart,” she noted.
She reminded the students to choose courses that lead to employment.
“When you graduate and return home, do not waste your time but look for a job. Choose the right job as employers employ those with good academic results and relevant qualifications,” she advised.
She advised parents to monitor the movement of the children who are still students to ensure they were well-behaved, disciplined and not smoking.
Recalling her encounter with a group of youths found smoking in public places, Angeline reminded parents to play a more proactive role in looking after their children.
“They (children) may be disciplined and obedient at home but when in the company of their peers, they are easily influenced, and one of the  most common habit of those youngsters is smoking that could lead to other negative habits such as drug abuse.”
Among those present at the simple handover ceremony were senior supervisor of the Community Development Office (Kemas) here, Ambrose Abong Bugek and staff of Kemas.

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