Friday, February 24, 2012

KGBS Wants 60% Sarawakian Teachers Trainees

  NR       Friday, February 24, 2012
KUCHING: The quota for Sarawakians being trained as teachers should be increased to 60 per cent, said Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers Union (KGBS) president Ahmad Malie.

He pointed out that the 35 per cent quota announced by Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong was too low.

“In principle, KGBS is appreciative of the Education Ministry’s response to the calls made by the teaching fraternity in the state to increase the percentage. However, the 35 per cent quota as announced is still quite low if we look at the current teacher shortage and the transfer of teachers from Sarawak outside the state.

“Therefore, we call for the quota for local teachers in Sarawak to be increased up to 60 per cent,” he said yesterday.

He explained that Sarawak is as big as the peninsula and there are many schools in the rural and interior areas.
Because of this, he said, the number of locals being recruited as teachers should be increased to overcome the shortage and the need for non-locals to be transferred to rural and interior schools.

Sarawakian teachers, he added, would better understand local sentiments and not face problems settling in.
Ahmad was commenting on yesterday’s news report which quoted Wee as saying that the Education Ministry is on track to achieving a 35 per cent quota for locals to be trained as teachers in Sarawak within the next three years. Wee had said the ministry would take more locals in teacher-training institutes from this year.

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