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STPM 2011 Bintulu: Top Students Get 4A's Each

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BINTULU: Two students from SMK Assyakirin – Teresa Suduk and Bonny Klabo – scored 4As in the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination the results of which were announced on Wednesday.

Nurthaqifah Zainal Abidin and Sandara Dato with 2As each and Zuraya Zaidin 1A were among the 30 candidates collecting their results.

The school with 33 candidates recorded 90 per cent pass rate from 100 per cent in 2010.
SMK Bandar’s outstanding students included Monna Kiaw Sheh hui (3As); Loui Kee Hie (2As); Wilson Lanyau (2As); Teng Siaw Lin (1A, 2A-) and Diana Layam Jack (2A-).

The school with 97 candidates recorded a 88.30 per cent pass rate.

All 107 candidates in SMK Bintulu passed, out of whom 26 scored GPA 3.00 and above.

Among the three excellent students were Cristie Sophie Ising 2A,2B+ (3.67) Gordon Teng Sing Weng 1A,1A-,2B+ (3.58) and Ling Leh Lang 2A,1B+,1B (3.58).

For SMK Kidurong with a 98.25 per cent pass rate, nine students scored GPA 3.00 and above.

The nine were Mohamad Yusuf Mohammad Sarkawi (1A,2A-,1B); Adehrina Dyg egoh (1A,2B+,1B); Ranny Bujang (1A,2B+,1B); Marliney Igil (1a,1A-,1B,1B-); Mazlina Mokhtar (2A-,2B); Valentine Kemarau (1A-,2B+,1B); Nurhafizah Bolhi (1A-,1B+,1B,1B-); Mellisa Sadan (1A,1B,1B-,1C+) and Mohd Fitri Mohd Roslan (2B+,1B,1C+).

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