Thursday, August 09, 2012

15 Year Old School Dropout Was Caught in a Shopping Complex

  Pengajar.Info       Thursday, August 09, 2012

MIRI: A 15-year-old school dropout was caught in a shopping complex with stolen cash and a China-made tablet when he was unable to escape after the heist.

The suspect is believed to have holed himself up in an air vent when security personnel locked the complex after it closed for business on Tuesday night.

The suspect came out of hiding and broke into a computer shop to rip off some cash and a tablet.

Still wet behind the ears, the bungling thief triggered off the shop security alarm which alerted the proprietor through wireless technology and the Miri police were subsequently informed.

Comically, the suspect failed to plan his getaway and found himself unable to get out of the locked building.

Arriving at the scene, police and the complainant found him hiding in a corner of the building and a check later led to the discovery of the money and tablet in his possession.

The teenager was later brought to Miri Central Police Station with the items seized from him as exhibits, and the investigating officer yesterday successfully applied in the Magistrate’s Court to remand him to facilitate further investigation.

In a separate case, a 38-year-old businesswoman lodged a police report over unwanted attention and explicit horny messages in her letterbox from an unknown man.

She headed straight to the Miri Central Police Station after receiving, for the fifth time, an empty box of a Chinese variant sex stimulant with explicit sexual intercourse images. Previously, the offending empty box was flung into her backyard.

- The Borneo Post, 9 August

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