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Iban PMR candidate disappointed not getting `A’ in Chinese paper

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SIBU: An Iban PMR candidate from SMK Methodist was disappointed at her failure to score `A’ in the Chinese language paper, but was happy with her overall result.

When the results of this year’s PMR were released here yesterday, Alvenna Tom was slightly shocked when she saw that she got `C’ in the Chinese paper.

“I had expected to score `A’ in Chinese,” she lamented, but was consoled by her `A’ in all other subjects.
She said: “7As, 1C is a result I am quite contented with. I’d never scored `A’ for the Chinese paper in school, but I had hoped to get `A’ in this paper this final exam.”

Alvenna was born to an Iban father and a Chinese mother.

She said it was her mother who encouraged her to take up the Chinese subject when she was in kindergarten.

Alvenna scored `C’ in the Chinese paper when she sat for her UPSR examination as a candidate of Chung Hua Primary School.

She may not be taking the Chinese subject any more. She said: “I’m not sure whether to take this paper again. I understand that Form Five Chinese paper is difficult to cope.”

Commenting on her outstanding PMR result, she said her love for reading helped her a lot.

“I find pleasure in studying. I can spend the whole day studying without getting jaded,” she said.
Alvenna speaks fluent Mandarin and Hokkien. She does not speak Iban.

Her father works as a labourer and her mother is a housewife. The family converse in Hokkien.

Source: The Borneo Post

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