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Education Ministry To Probe 'Balik China, India' Claim

  NR       Tuesday, July 30, 2013
The Education Ministry will probe the latest allegation concerning a secondary school principal who uttered racist remarks, said deputy minister P Kamalanathan.
In a text-message to Malaysiakin i, he said that the matter had come to the ministry ' s attention and an immediate investigation would be initiated.
"We do not condone such behaviour... If the allegation is true, then action would be taken (against the principal)," he added.
Kamalanathan was responding to Shah Alam MIC deputy division chief A Prakash Rao, who claimed that parents had complained to him about the incident.
Prakash said the principal of SMK Alam Megah had berated her Chinese and Indian students, telling them to "balik India dan China" 
(go back to India and China).
According to the parents, the principal was furious that the students were making noise during her speech at the school assembly.
Earlier, Gerakan vice-president A Kohilan Pillay had called for the principal's dismissal if investigations reveal that she had made those remarks.
He also warned that such remarks, if true, were a symptom of "overt racialism" in the civil service and amongst teachers, which was dangerous if left unchecked.
The latest incident comes hot on the heels of the 'shower-room canteen' controversy at SK Seri Pristana.
Principal 'will not take calls'
A SMK Alam Megah staff told Malaysiakini that the principal would not entertain queries from reporters.
"(The principal) will not take any calls from reporters as the school has decided not to make any statements via telephone," she said.
She also said the principal had earlier attended a meeting outside the school and is now waiting for "an officer" for another meeting.
She, however, did not disclose if the officer is from the ministry.
Source: Yahoo Malaysia

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