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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Not enough local teachers to fill up vacancies ‐ Jusoh

  NR       Thursday, February 12, 2015

KUCHING: The government certainly wants teachers to be teaching in their home states, Second
Minister of Education Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh assured yesterday.

Speaking at a media conference at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) Kota Samarahan, Jusoh
stressed that the issue of Sarawakian teachers are not teaching in Sarawak while many West
Malaysian teachers are taking up their posts in the state did not arise.

The main problem, he explained, is that there were not enough Sarawakian teachers to fill up all
the teaching posts in the state so the vacancies had to be filled up by West Malaysian teachers.

Jusoh added that 90 per cent of Sarawakian teachers certainly are teaching in their home state.

“It is the government’s policy to have teachers teaching in their home state. This is the policy,” he
said, refuting claims by some quarters that Sarawakian teachers were not able or allowed to teach
in the state.

In fact, Jusoh clarified, the government wanted more Sarawakians to teach in Sarawak, so
requirement for intake as teachers from Sarawak and Sabah SPM graduates were lower than those
nationwide, but without compromising quality.

“Presently, only the top 16 per cent of SPM graduates are taken in as teacher trainees, many of
them with 7As but we lower the intake requirement for Sarawak and Sabah so that more from
these two states can be taken in as teachers,” he said.

The Minister said the Education Ministry will continue to ensure quality teachers for the country,
adding that teachers’ income and welfare now have also improved.

On another question, he disclosed that Sarawak now has 12 Community Learning Centres (CLCs).
Jusoh earlier participated in a town hall meeting on feedbacks from the public on the Malaysia
Education Blueprint/Development Plan (Higher Education) at Arena Gemilang, DeTar Putra

Also present at the media conference was Unimas Board of Directors Chairman Datu Dr. Hatta

Sarawak Tribune, 9 Feb 2015 


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